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Publishing Content:

Once we decide to publish an article about certain home services topics like plumbing contractors, we hire real experts to do the search and write useful content about it. Our content is original and unique. We never copy articles from other sources or partner sites. In the meantime, we publish our articles in English about how to find the best plumber in your area. In case we use external sources of information, we naturally link to these websites. 

The users are more than welcome to republish or redistribute our articles providing that they link back to the corresponding webpage where the original article is published. However, it is not allowed to edit or change anything in the articles unless you get a written permission from the site’s administrator.

Publishing Comments:

  1. Comments must be written in the same language of the article. If you wanna write a comment in foreign language, please attach the translation to it using a tool Google Translate.
  2. Comments must be strongly related to the article’s topic or a sub niche. Comments could help share experiences, address questions, or comment back on the article. Please do not use any kind of hate language in writing your comments. Besides, please be respectful to other members.
  3. Spam comments are not allowed by any mean. Your comments must be free of any kind of commercial ads or affiliate links. Comment posters who violate these regulations would be banned and the corresponding IPs blocked.

Contacting Us:

Feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. Also, if you think that your user ID is mistakenly blocked, please contact us and your case will be revised. Kindly be advised that we never save your contact information in a database. Nor do we use your email address to send you any kind of commercial contents. We hat spam as you do.

Linking Policy:

We are not responsible for any changes take place on one of our partners sites. In some case, to give authorized people credits for sharing this information with us. We are picky when it comes to linking to other sites. For example, we prefer news sites like cnn.com and education sites like Stanford University. 

Privacy Policy:

We do not store your browsing information when you land at our website. Our cookies policy is never to install any kind of files or software on your computer. It is super safe to stay and navigate through our website. Any browser should be fine. Besides, ads pop-ups are blocked and never displayed on our website.

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