Who Are We?

Who Are We?
Sohbet-Tr Chat Room is an international website that aims to address diverse topics that are related to home services, in particular plumbing services. However, we also address other home services in the US like painting, carpet cleaning, etc. Our ultimate goal is to provide useful and unbiased information about different topics.

Sadly, the internet is full of scams that provide you biased information and direct you to affiliated websites. They promise you the moon and deliver nothing valuable. On the other hand, we do every effort here to provide you only honest and unbiased reviews about almost each home service. So make sure to come back and visit our website regularly. 

Our website works like providing unique and useful articles about different topics that may be of interest to our audience. You may also contact us with any topics you would like us to write about. Once the article is published, users can comment on the article by sharing their experience or asking questions. 

Users’ questions could be answered by the site administrator or other users. If your comment brings up other useful topics, we do not mind at all publishing separate articles about your questions. Indeed, we try to update our website once per week and constantly add new categories.

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